July 15, 2014 Riot Hair

Our Vision

“Be Yourself…Start A Riot”

Riot Hair Lounge is an environment where creative hair stylists come together to cultivate their trade and thrive as individuals, as artists, and as business owners to cater to the diverse and rich demographic of our beloved Delray Beach.  Riot Hair Lounge seeks to provide the space for stylists to freely run their own business without giving up the sense of community that a commission-based salon typically provides.

Delray Beach has seen explosive growth in the last several years, with Riot Hair Lounge looking to provide it’s unique services and stay in step with the wonderful changes our city has seen.  We’re here to establish an atmosphere that is relaxed, enjoyable and homey for both client & partner alike.

What makes us different from the average salon? We’d like to think just about everything- from the décor, a hodge podge of varying tastes and styles from vintage-retro to art-deco to mid-century modern to a boutique full of cutting-edge fashion and jewelry and a fun space to lounge in comfort.

So come hang with us, we would love to see you!